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Cultureshock! Tokyo - A survival guide to customs and etiquette
Yuko Morimoto-Yoshida
Espoo - Etelä-Leppävaara
Marshal Cavendish Editions
Over 3 Million CULTURESHOCK! Guides Sold! The CultureShock! series is a dynamic and indispensable range of guides for those travellers who are looking to truly understand the countries they are visiting. Each title explains the customs, traditions, social and business etiquette in a lively and informative style. CultureShock! authors, all of whom have experienced the joys and pitfalls of cultural adaptation, are ideally placed to provide warm and informative advice to those who seek to integrate seamlessly into diverse cultures. Each CultureShock! book contains: insights into local culture and traditions advice on adapting into the local environment . linguistic help, and most importantly how to get the most out of your travel experience CultureShock! Tokyo is the essential guide for anyone who wishes to delve into the heart of what makes Tokyo and its people tick. Packed full of information, this book enlightens readers on intricate Japanese customs and throws light on certain 'oddities' in the city such as the quaint-looking historical shrines set between high-rise buildings. Find out more about the contrasting faces of the Tokyoites, who on one hand are renowned for their polite and humble demeanour, yet can be perpetrators of the Tokyo rush hour'. Settle, in more smoothly by using the practical tips provided including those for how to find accommodation and schools for the children as well as how to cope with working in Tokyo. Delight in the immense variety and quality of food and anticipate all the cultural and travel opportunities the city has to offer. CultureShock! Tokyo is invaluable for anyone who wants to live and succeed in this culture-rich and fast-paced city. UK £11.99 TRAVEL/CULTURE ISBN 0 462 00819 3 visit our website at www.marshallcavendish.com/genref Marshall Cavendish Editions 9 "780462 008196 oh
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