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Natural health, natural medicine
Andrew Weil, MD
Helsinki - Vallila
Warner Books
THE BIBLE OF NATURAL MEDICINE HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN, AND THIS IS IT LARRY DORSEY, M.D In this landmark book on alternative medicine, bestselling author Dr Andrew Weil, one of the world's leading authorities on natural therapies, brings together the latest findings in the field. Using strategies developed through years of research, practice and teaching, Natural Health, Natural Medicine recommends a vast array of home remedies for common ailments and suggests which vitamins and supplements will help you achieve good health. Its advice will help everyone learn how to maintain the immune system, avoid serious illness and plan for a healthier lifestyle IN NATURAL HEALTH, NATURAL MEDICINE DR WEIL HAS COMPILED A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF INFORMATION ON HEALTH IN HIGHLY READABLE PRACTICAL FORM. IT SPELLS OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO KEEP YOURSELF IN OPTIMAL HEALTH AND HOW TO AVOID THE COMMON DEBILITATING DISEASES KEEP IT HANDY. READ IT OFTEN DEAN ORNISH, M.D WHEN IT COMES TO ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS. DR ANDREW WEIL IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST NAMES AROUND TIME OUT Health ISBN 0-7515-1765-8 U.K. £7.99* AUST. $16.95 Recommended only 9 780751 51765
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